Update: Iconkit Giveaway #2 – Win a Set of 450 iOS Icons – Winners Announced

The winners in the Iconk.it giveaway are Jeson and Testing.VC. Thank you to everyone who entered the drawing, and of course, thank you to iconk.it for providing the free copies of the icon set!

Once again, Iconk.it and iOS Developer Tips are teaming up to giveaway a free copy of the Iconk.it icon set, which includes 450 icons, all optimized for iOS.

This time around iconk.it will provide a set of the icons to two lucky winners!

Check out the entire set, which includes high-resolution PNG icons which are perfect for the Retina display.

Register for the iconk.it giveaway:

Post a comment below to register for the drawing. Also, please consider sharing the love on Twitter or Facebook about the giveaway, the more who register, the better chances we’ll give away more stuff in the future!

We will use Random.org to draw a random number and post the winners names at the top of this post on Thursday evening.

Good luck!


  1. Fantastic set!
    I’ll be glad to use it for my iOS apps.

  2. Fantastic set!
    I would be glad to use it for my iOS apps.

  3. These are some of the best, high quality icons I have seen! I would be honored to use them in my upcoming iPhone app.

  4. Nice once again contest hope this time I win……….

  5. Thanks for the giveaway! Id really love to get my hands on that iconset :)

  6. Wow, these look fantastic, I would be very happy to win these and use them in my iOS projects!

  7. Amazing icons, would love to win, looks like the have icons for almost everything you need.

  8. I’ve been looking to use the icon set. Would be awesome to win it!

  9. Thanks to IconKit and iosdevtips.com for the giveaway. I really enjoy checking for the latest tip.

  10. I could go for this with my current app in the works.

  11. looks like a sweet icon bundle, would love to be able to use it for an iOS app!

  12. Yes, would like to have one to put in my app… Thanks!

  13. Awesome icon kit, good enough I’ll probably have buy if I don’t win.

  14. Kit looks good! If I win I use it in my app and give credits and thanks!

  15. Looks like a great set, and one I’m not familiar with yet. Definitely will try to use these, regardless of the giveaway outcome.

  16. Oh yes i’love that set …. it wold be very for my next app

  17. Great set! I’m just about to release my first app and wouldn’t mind replacing the currently used icons with these :’)

  18. Great icon set man, loved it :), great work

  19. Just starting on iPhone development and could really use some great icons!

  20. They look very cool; would love to add that set to my collection.

  21. I’m a one-man-show trying to compete withe the big boys, so having a set of icons to give me a leg up would be very helpful. Thanks!

  22. Great looking icons! How about a discount for us who don’t win?

  23. Fantastic looking icons. If you want to send a free set my way I’ll welcome them with open arms and give them a nice safe, warm place to live!

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