Remove Shine / Gloss Effect on iPhone Icon

By default, when building an application with Xcode, your icon will have a round beveling of the corners and a shine added over the top of the icon. The icon below shows how this looks:

You can override this default by following line to you to the Info.plist file. For example, if you prefer to edit Info.plist as a source file, add the following line:


If you are editing Info.plist as an XML file (in Xcode) you can add an entry that looks as follows:

Depending on your configuration and version of Xcode, the option in the Info.plist file may looks as follows:

With the pre-rendered icon set to true, the icon shown above will now look like this:

This preference setting only applies to removing of the shine / glossy effect, the corners of your icon will still be rounded for you.


  1. Instead of setting the value to ‘YES’, you can right click (or control-click) on the value field and under ‘Value Type’ select Boolean. Then you can just check the box instead of typing YES.

  2. Thanks a lot! Just what I needed. You can find it in the dropdown box of a new key value as “Icon already includes gloss and bevel effects”.

  3. Thanks!
    Exactly what I was looking for … but was unable to find anywhere else.

  4. I don’t see either option listed in the choices for new key value (listed as raw values or not) when editing the info.plist in Xcode 3.2.2. I can type UIPrerenderedIcon by hand but this gives me an uneasy feeling because the rest of you seem to see it in the list.

  5. It seems that depending on the version of Xcode you are using, the list of options vary. I’ve had to manually enter values as well. As long as you know it’s an option, you’re half way there :)

  6. Thanks for the post, found this though Google. I was just making all the icons on my iPhone 4 high resolution, and I needed to be able to turn off the gloss.

    And by the way, unlike what Md12 mentioned above, do not use a boolean, you must use a string with the value “YES”.

  7. Yeah, i didnt realize the became outdated,
    after reInstalling the app, and using:
    | UIPrerenderedIcon | YES |

    It worked, thanks a bunch!

  8. Perfect!

    I just created a new line, selected “Icon already includes gloss effects”, and checked the box. (it was automatically a checkbox, not YES/NO).

    My icon looks 100% better now. :) Thanks for posting!

  9. Very nice trick john!
    Keep continue like that tricks.
    Thanks john

  10. It looks like in version 4.0.2 of Xcode this UIPrerenderedIcon has to be boolean and you need to type Yes, the check box is no longer available.

    I had this working fine in the older version of xcode but after updating to 4.0.2 my icon was rendered with the effect, even though this value was set correctly. i had to delete it and add it again to get it to work correctly.

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