Perspective On The Two Minute Sellout Of WWDC 2013

Jason D. O’Grady has a few interesting thoughts regarding the nearly instantaneous sell out of WWDC 2013.

Jason’s article begins with the following:

Let’s take a look back.

In 2009, tickets sold out in one month
In 2010, tickets sold out in eight days
In 2011, tickets sold out in 12 hours
In 2012, tickets sold out in 2 hours
In 2013, tickets sold out in 2 minutes.

By extension, 2014 WWDC tickets will probably sell out in 2 seconds. And you’ll probably need to write a very clever script to actually procure tickets.

Love the comment about the script, I’m sure there are a few of us up to the task.

The article goes on to explore several ideas about ways to manage the process going forward. As we all know, there is no one perfect solution.

Regardless of how this pans out next time around, good news for all us iOS techies, we are clearly working on a platform that has tremendous interest. Good for business.