Android fragmentation is a mess

OpenSignal on Android device fragmentation:

Despite the problems, fragmentation also has a great number of benefits – for both developers and users. The availability of cheap Android phones (rarely running the most recent version) means that they have a much greater global reach than iOS, so app developers have a wider audience to build for. It may be tricky to do, but the potential reward definitely makes it worthwhile.

Not sure I agree with either the first or last sentence. My days of mobile development go way back and most certainly one of the major frustrations and limiting factors of J2ME (circa 2000) was dealing with all the various implementations and screen sizes. I’ll take iOS any day over Android’s “greater global reach.”

Device fragmentation is not the only challenge that developers face when building for Android; the operating system itself is extremely fragmented and has only become more so over time.

And it will continue to fragment. A strong selling point for a closed system (think iOS).