iPhone Frameworks from the Omni Group

The Omni Group is the company behind some amazing Mac software. For example, OmniGraffle is a great tool for creating wireframes and applications flows (see this post for related info).

This same company offers several frameworks in their Developer Resources site based on the code they written for their own Mac OS X and iPhone applications. Here is a brief list of what the offer as of today:

This is the lowest level framework used in every product they build.

An extension to Apple’s Foundation framework, including string scanner and regular expression processing.

CoreData-like API, built on top of SQLite. This framework provides the persistence for OmniFocus on the Mac and iPhone.

Set of extensions to Apple’s AppKit.framework.

Inspector framework used within OmniGraffle, OmniFocus, OmniOutliner and OmniPlan.

Objective-C wrapper offering many networking constructs.

As of yet, I have not tried any of the frameworks in an iPhone application. If anyone has experience with these as it relates to the iPhone, please post a comment and share your insight.

  1. I have got this working on the simulator but it does not work on the actual iphone

    like Undefined symbols:
    “_OBJC_CLASS_$_ONSocketStream”, referenced from:
    __objc_classrefs__DATA@0 in MainView.o

    I does this for all the classes i use in the omniframework

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