Tools for Creating iPhone Wireframes – OmniGraffle iPhone Stencils – Update Oct 2009

Editor’s Note: There is an update to this post as of January 2011 with additional stencils for the iPhone and iPad: Tools for Creating iPhone Wireframes – OmniGraffle iPhone Stencils – Update Jan 2011

Just short of one year ago, I wrote about Omni-Graffle stencils to help create wireframes of iPhone applications. You can read more on the original post here: OmniGraffle iPhone Stencil.

Omni-Graffle and iPhone Stencils

The combination of OmniGraffle and custom iPhone stencils will save you oodles of time when designing and tinkering with iPhone user interface elements. These stencils are also extremely helpful to help nail down the UI when working with clients to help ensure everyone is on the same page before you dive into coding.

I just bumped into a new stencil created by Theresa Neil of Designing Web Interfaces, which includes some great stuff, including some artwork specifically for 3G phones. Here is a glimpse of the stencil:

Download iPhone 3G Stencil

You can download the stencil from GraffleTopia: iPhone 3G Stencil

  1. Fantastic!
    The most complete stencil I’ve come across.
    Would be great to have a common language to communicate gestures like tap, tap & hold, swipe, pinch etc.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wish I had a bit more time to experiment. The combination of these templates, plus the Briefs prototyping tool, could make some stunning demos.

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