Xcode 4 : Debug Breakpoints, Conditions and Actions

I recently bumped into a few new debugging features in Xcode 4 while looking at breakpoint options. To show how this works, let’s look at a small block of code where I’ve already set a breakpoint by clicking in the margin area on the left side in the editor:

With a breakpoint set, right click (or control-click) on the breakpoint indicator, the blue area shown below in the screenshot below:

The popup dialog below will be shown, select Edit Breakpoint:

At this point you will be shown the dialog below. I configured the settings to only trigger the breakpoint if the value of counter is > 2. When this occurs, a message will be spoken that indicates the breakpoint name and hit count (how many times the breakpoint has been activated).

The above is just one of many options for triggering and configuring breakpoint settings. When you get a chance, I recommend you take a few minutes to get familiar with the options for managing breakpoints. And who knows, the voice response may come in handy for those times when you are looking crossed-eyed at the screen from endless hours of coding…

  1. We have always had conditional breakpoints but “Speak Message” is I think a true innovation :) … delightful … thanks for sharing :) … Now we are gonna have machines shouting at our office “dude … nailed it!”

  2. the blog’s articles is very useful for us comes form china developer.haha~

  3. Superb article,Thanks for giving such information

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