“Default.png” the secret of the load screen …

Ever wondered how all of the applications on your iPhone seem to show a loading screen or “boilerplate” as soon as the icon is touched and wondered how they get the image to appear quickly? Well the secret is in the presence of a file in your application called Default.png.
When the icon for an application is touched in Springboard (the main application that displays all the apps on your phone and lets you touch an icon to start an application), it looks for a file called Default.png in the top level of your application bundle to create the animated starting transition. If you don’t specify a Default.png file, you will often see a black screen for a few seconds before your application kicks in.

There is no special info.plist entry you need to make; as you would for the application icon. All that you need is to add the image as a resource to your project and make sure that it is located at the top level of the application and be spelled exactly like “Default.png” (NOTE: the ‘D’ must be capitalized).

  1. How can I display a progress bar or an animated icon like google earth on the app load screen?

  2. If you do a google search for “Dynamic Default PNG” you will start to get an idea how to do that. Any use of these techniques will be against the iPhone developer terms of use as it is not an approved use. That said, I’ve found that if you start with a static image and then when your app gains control, make your dynamic image the first view that is displayed.

  3. Like ALL the games – just type “loading…”

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