The Basics of Dynamic Types in iOS

Jake Marsh:

“Dynamic Type is a system introduced back in iOS 7 with the intention of unifying and simplifying how users change their preference for how big text should be on the screen. While the user choice is simple, under the hood Dynamic Type earns its name by dynamically adjusting things such as spacing between characters and character weights to make text as readable as possible.”

Jake includes a short code example on using dynamic types.

iOS Permission Dialogs in Swift

Rather than deal with iOS generated messages when you need to request user permission(s), Nick O’Neill created PermissionScope:

“My goal was to create a permissions dialog that was flexible and clear for users, increasing the number of users who approved requests for any given permission.”

iOS Permission Dialogs in Swift

Swift NSTimer Extensions

Radek Pietruszewski:

“SwiftyTimer is a set of extensions to make the NSTimer API cleaner, nicer to use, and at home with Swift’s syntax.”

Familiar with Ruby on Rails? You’ll like how time intervals are specified:


Interprocess Communication Between iOS Apps and Extensions

MMWormhole is a unique approach to implement interprocess communication between an extension and its containing an extension. The magic is done via messages written to files in the application’s shared App Group.

Using CFNotificationCenter:

“…interested parties can listen and be notified of these changes on either side of the wormhole. The effect is nearly instant updates on either side when a message is sent through the wormhole.”

Creating an Action Extension on iOS

Lukas Petr on examples of an iOS app extension:

“…you can use a Today extension to create a widget that will appear in Notification Center, a Sharing extension that will let the user share to their social network, or an Action extension that lets the user act on current content—either view it in a different way or change it.”

The tutorial creates an action extension using the speech synthesis API of the AVFoundation framework to read text aloud.