iOS 6 by tutorials: Learn The Latest iOS 6 APIs By Example

Ray Wenderlich and his team of iOS developers/writers have put together an impressive collection of tutorials in their lastest book iOS 6 by tutorials – available in PDF and print.

It all started so simple 4+ years ago. However, the iOS platform has become quite comprehensive, and with each new milestone release of iOS comes an abundance of new features. It can be quite a challenge to keep up. iOS 6 by tutorials covers many of most recent additions to iOS 6 including UICollectionView, Auto Layout, Passbook, among others.

The content of the book is relevant for beginners as well as more advanced developers. For instance, I’ve never taken the time to fully understand how to work Auto Layout. No worries, there are two chapters dedicated to Auto Layout. The first begins by walking through a simple example to show the limitations of springs and struts. This is followed by an update to the example to demonstrate how Auto Layout can ease the pain, including extensive information on how to use constaints. The chapter finishes with two complete examples, the first a simple four image layout, the second a more comprehensive application with several UI controls.

The second chapter on Auto Layout moves from using Interface Builder to programmatically creating and managing layouts in code. I still code my user interface the old fashioned way, and as such this chapter was very pertinent to how I work. As with the previous chapter, numerous examples, diagrams and code examples are included.

Here is a list of content included in iOS 6 by tutorials:

iOS 6:
– Auto Layout
– Collection Views
– Passbook
– Social Framework
– Attributed Strings
– Preservation and Restoration

Additional Content:
– In App Purchases
– GameKit
– Core Image (what’s new in iOS 6)
– MapKit (what’s new in iOS 6)
– EventKit (what’s new in iOS 6)
– UI customization (what’s new in iOS 6)

One aspect of iOS 6 by tutorials that I really appreciate is that complete working examples are created step-by-step in each chapter. If you are new to a concept, this is a huge win. In addition, there are many examples that are well thought out and coded in a manner that lends to a good foundation for how to implement concepts on a larger scale.

Ray and company have done a great job putting together a comprehensive guide to iOS 6. I highly recommend you take a closer look if there are topics in iOS 6 that you have on your todo list.