Facebook SDK for Swift (Beta)

@nlutsenko of the Facebook team:

“Earlier this year we provided a complete Swift implementation for Bolts that exposes many native Swift features, including proper generic types, support for value types, and native Swift error handling.”

Building on that idea, the Facebook SDK for Swift beta has been announced.

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Google Maps Utilities for iOS

“This open-source library contains classes that are useful for a wide range of applications using the Google Maps SDK for iOS.”

Here are the two primary takeaways :

  1. Display of a large number of points
  2. Indexes 2D geometry points & performs 2D range queries

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Writing Your First Xcode 8 Extension in Swift

With the release of Xcode 8, Apple changed up a few things, including the option to inject code into Xcode at runtime. And with that, plugins as we know them are no more.

However, Apple announced that Xcode 8 now has “official” support for creating editor extensions. There are some limitations (e.g. no UI) yet we’re on the right track (read no hacks required). Even better, given each extension is a macOS app, you can distribute your extensions on the Mac App Store!

In this post by Patrick Balestra describes how to create an extensionthat transforms any closure to use the simpler and cleaner syntax.

Writing Your First Xcode 8 Extension in Swift

Using and Extending the Xcode Source Editor from WWDC 2016.