Has Upgraded To Linode VPS – Moving Away From the Limits Of Shared Hosting Services

Since began in 2008 I’ve been using a shared hosting service. For the most part things have gone very well. The primary draw of a shared hosting services are unlimited site transfer (files/content) and unlimited disk space.

As the blog grew in popularity, the performance was doing the opposite, going south. What some shared hosting services don’t tell you is that if you use more cpu than they like (say 7%, give or take) they throttle your account, which translates to really lousy performance of your site. The loading of this blog was getting painful, both when I was writing posts, as well as viewing from your perspective as a visitor.

The screenshot below is from my shared host provider, which indicates how much my site was being throttled:

23585 sec / 60 sec per minute = 393 minutes
393 minutes / 60 minutes per hour = 6.5 hours

For real? 6.5 hour in the last 24 hours – that explains the dreadful performance.

When I started to look into options for Virtual Private Servers (VPS) quickly bubbled to the top with features that were important to me, including the option to choose a linux distro, full ssh & root access and selecting a data center that was closest to where the majority of readers reside.

Rather than a traditional LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP), I opted for LEMP which replaces Apache with nginx (engine x), which I am hoping will provide a good platform to scale as needed to meet future traffic demands.

For the LEMP setup I used one of the most helpful features of Linode to quickly get up and running, their StackScripts repository. StackScripts offers a broad range of scripts written by other Linode users.

Linode Feedback

I am curious to hear your feedback on how the site is performing. Did you notice a difference from last week to today? Please post a comment below…

Linode Referral

So far I’ve had an excellent experience with Linode. No brainer system configuration, uber flexibility and control, very reasonable backup pricing and great resources for help (forums, documentation library…)

If you are considering a VPS service, I highly recommend you look into Linode.

And if you decide to register for Linode service, please consider using my Linode referral Link, it will provide a small credit towards my hosting to keep up and running.

  1. The site looks good, and loads quickly. Thank you for the upgrade :)

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