Thu, Oct 23
Embed Swift Content into an Objective-C App

How do I embed content with Swift in an Objective-C app?

Answer: Set build setting EMBEDDED_CONTENT_CONTAINS_SWIFT to Yes

Important note:

“To prevent having multiple copies of Swift libraries in your app, make sure that Embedded Content Contains Swift Code is set to NO (false) in your embedded content.”

Wed, Oct 22
Vim Syntax and Indent Files for Swift

Vim fan? Vim runtime files for Swift

“Syntax and indent files for Swift”

Getting Started with Touch ID in Swift

Introduction to Touch ID: “We are going to build a simple application that shows a UILabel that updates based on whether or not the user successfully authentications via Touch ID.”

On a related note, Using Touch ID with Keychain: “…store Touch ID protected items to the keychain and how to query for the items with custom message prompts.”

The latter is written in Objective-C.

iCloud Productivity App in Swift and Objective-C

Lister: A Productivity App (Obj-C and Swift): “Lister is a list management app written in Swift that’s built on top of iCloud and the powerful NSDocument and UIDocument architectures.”

There is a lot of ground covered in this Apple project:

” In a single project you’ll find both iOS and OS X targets, embedded frameworks, UI extensions, live rendering of custom views in Interface Builder, iOS and OS X Storyboards, Auto Layout, and more.”

Create Forms in Swift

Create forms in Swift: “SwiftForms is a powerful and extremely flexible library written in Swift that allows to create forms by just defining them in a couple of lines. It also provides the ability to customize cells appearance, use custom cells and define your own selector controllers.”

Tue, Oct 21
Swift Failable Initializers

Failable Initializers: “Swift version 1.1 is new in Xcode 6.1, and it introduces a new feature: failable initializers…Using the failable initializer allows greater use of Swift’s uniform construction syntax, which simplifies the language by eliminating the confusion and duplication between initializers and factory methods.”