Tue, Sep 16
SwiftKey iOS 8 Replacement Keyboard – For Free!


The countdown is on! You’re just one day away from getting your hands on SwiftKey Keyboard for iPhone & iPad! As the launch gets closer, we wanted to share with you some more sneak peeks at what’s coming, and also let you know that SwiftKey for iOS will be free to download.

I’m ready.

Design Patterns Implemented in Swift

Oktawian Chojnack is the author of Design Patterns in Swift:

A short cheat-sheet with Xcode 6 Playground.

App OnBoarding (How-to) in Swift & Objective-C

Mike Amaral is the author of Onboard:

Onboard provides developers with a quick and easy means to create a beautiful, engaging, and useful onboarding experience with only a few lines of code.

The project supports both Objective-C and Swift.

Mon, Sep 15
Searchable Database of Custom URL Schemes

One of the most popular posts on iOS Developer Tips is The Complete Tutorial on iOS/iPhone Custom URL Schemes. On a related note, Arte Merritt wrote to tell me about GotSchemes, a searchable database of URL schemes.

Each URL includes information about the provider (app/company), bundle ID, App ID and whether it’s been confirmed to be supported on iOS and Android.

You can also contribute your own custom URL schemes via an application:

The app scans the iOS apps in the iTunes folder on your computer, detecting schemes and uploads them to GotSchemes.com. The application works on both Mac and PC computers, provided a Java Runtime Environment exists.