Fri, Oct 31

Xcode 6: Live Rendering and Visual View Debugging:

“Historically, one such pain point has been debugging views and visual layouts. Even simple apps can grow into complex view hierarchies and now Xcode 6 implements a new feature to visually explode the layers of the current screen giving you a birds-eye view of every UI element.”

If you’ve ever been tasked with getting up to speed on an existing app with a complex view hierarchy, you’ll appreciate how Xcode 6 can visually show the view layers.

Wed, Oct 29

CNPGridMenu: “A Mailbox style grid menu with a blurred background.”

Tue, Oct 28


“Beneath the smooth glass of each shiny iPhone, nestled on a logic board between touch screen controllers and Apple-designed SoCs, the gyroscope and accelerometer sit largely neglected.”


“Core Motion allows a developer to observe and respond to the motion and orientation of an iOS device by inspecting the raw and processed data from a combination of built-in sensors, including the accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer.”

There’s got to be a clever app idea in there somewhere…

Custom Subscripting in Swift. This tutorial focuses on adding subscripts to your Swift classes.

Mon, Oct 27

Swift as Command Line Interface (CLI):

“This talk will show the other side of Swift — it’s scripting capabilities and how you can use it for building CLI tools. We will cover CLI basics, status codes, documentation, pipeline, and some real life usages.”

Swift as CLI slideshow:

“Looking in the future, can Swift dominate Ruby and bash as a tooling language?”

I’m counting on it…

Core Data is powerful, yet none-trivial.

SuperRecord hopes to ease the pain:

“A Swift CoreData Framework consisting of several Extensions and Helpers to bring some love and take the hassle out of common CoreData tasks.”

Amazon: Core Data Books