Fri, May 22
WatchKit Lessons Learned

Totem Training:

After spending some time developing for the Apple Watch over the last three weeks, I wanted to share some tips, pitfalls, and other things I ran into.  Hopefully they save you some time in developing your Apple Watch apps.

Apple Watch Development: WatchKit Lessons Learned

Thu, May 21
Stateless, Composable Views in Swift

Josh Abernathy:

“Few.swift lets us express UIs as stateless, composable, immutable-ish values of their state. When their state changes, Few.swift calls a function to render the UI for that state, and then intelligently applies any changes.”


Reflection for Enumerations in Objective-C

Arkadiusz Holko:

“A macro and a set of functions introducing reflection for enumerations in Objective-C.”

With a simple code change to NS_ENUM values, you can get string representations of enumerators as well as access minimum or maximum values. The necessary type casting is handled for you.

Reflection for enumerations

Wed, May 20
On-Disk Cache Written in Swift

Alexander Schuch:

“Delightful on-disk cache (written in Swift). Backed by NSCache for maximum performance and support for expiry of single objects.”

A couple of notable features:

  • Cache block of asynchronous tasks.
  • Objects can be cached for a specified period of time.


Animating Autolayout Constraint Changes

Keith Harrison on Animating Autolayout Constraints:

“If you start using autolayout you quickly learn that you should not directly change the frame (or bounds or center) of a view. Instead you need to change the autolayout constraints. This post walks through a simple example showing how you can achieve the same view animation effects using autolayout.”

I always appreciate insightful posts on Autolayout.

Tue, May 19
SwiftLint to Enforce Swift Style and Conventions

The developers at Realm on SwiftLint:

“An experimental tool to enforce Swift style and conventions, loosely based on GitHub’s Swift Style Guide.”


Layer Based Charts and Graphs in Swift

Ivan Schütz is the author of SwiftCharts, an impressive package for creating charts and graphs.

Check out the video of SwiftCharts to view the range of options.