Wed, Oct 29

CNPGridMenu: “A Mailbox style grid menu with a blurred background.”

Tue, Oct 28


“Beneath the smooth glass of each shiny iPhone, nestled on a logic board between touch screen controllers and Apple-designed SoCs, the gyroscope and accelerometer sit largely neglected.”


“Core Motion allows a developer to observe and respond to the motion and orientation of an iOS device by inspecting the raw and processed data from a combination of built-in sensors, including the accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer.”

There’s got to be a clever app idea in there somewhere…

Custom Subscripting in Swift. This tutorial focuses on adding subscripts to your Swift classes.

Mon, Oct 27

Swift as Command Line Interface (CLI):

“This talk will show the other side of Swift — it’s scripting capabilities and how you can use it for building CLI tools. We will cover CLI basics, status codes, documentation, pipeline, and some real life usages.”

Swift as CLI slideshow:

“Looking in the future, can Swift dominate Ruby and bash as a tooling language?”

I’m counting on it…

Core Data is powerful, yet none-trivial.

SuperRecord hopes to ease the pain:

“A Swift CoreData Framework consisting of several Extensions and Helpers to bring some love and take the hassle out of common CoreData tasks.”

Amazon: Core Data Books

Appsee mobile app analytics

Appsee is an advanced visual mobile analytics platform that enables app developers and publishers to measure, understand and improve the user experience in their mobile app.

Traditional mobile analytics don’t reveal the full story, emphasizing numbers instead of reasons. Appsee enables app developers and publishers to put themselves in their users’ shoes and visually understand exactly how users interact with their app.

App owners leverage Appsee’s user recordings, touch heatmaps and real-time in-app analytics to optimize their apps and increase engagement, conversions and in-app monetization.

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