Mon, Sep 22
Swift Comparison of Value and Reference Types


In Swift, Equatable is a fundamental type, from which Comparable and Hashable are both derived. Together, these protocols form the central point of comparison throughout the language.

Equatable, Comparable and Hashable Protocols

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Swift JSON Serializer and Deserializer (Parser)

FUJI Goro is the creator of an open source “JSON parser and serializer which is implemented in pure Swift”

Fri, Sep 19
Create Interactive Swift Playgrounds

Curious how Apple created their interactive Swift playgrounds, which included embedded code and documentation?

Matt Mathias of Big Nerd Ranch provides some insight:

In this post, I will show you how to peek inside the .playground file to gain a sense of how a Playground is put together. Glancing at these internals will help you to create your own interactive document.