Tue, Sep 30
iOS 8.1 beta and Xcode 6.1 GM seed

Apple has released iOS 8.1 beta and Xcode 6.1 Gold Master seed.

Xcode includes updates/fixes for Swift Language and Playgrounds. Based on the iOS SDK Release Notes for iOS 8.1 Beta, the primary focus is bug fixes over new features.

iOS 8 Cloudkit Tutorial

Steve Sparks on iOS 8 and Cloudkit:

CloudKit gives you record-based, auto-replicating storage across all of your iOS and Mac devices. In this demo, I cover creating records, the push notification subsystem and CloudKit’s capacities.

Mon, Sep 29
OS X Bash Update for Shellshock Vulnerability

Apple has released an update to the Bash Shellshock bug, discovered last week.

The bug causes Bash to unintentionally execute commands when they are stored in specially crafted environment variables.

Swift Books: Core Data, iOS 8 and Swift Programming

The team at RayWenderlich.com recently published two Swift books, with a third on the way:

Swift by Tutorials gets you started with Swift via hands-on tutorials.

iOS 8 by Tutorials, all about iOS 8, explore Adaptive UI, App Extensions & more.

Coming October of 2014, Core Data by Tutorials, code with Core Data using Swift.

Ray’s team does some great work, I highly recommend you take a look.