Fri, Jan 23
Understanding WatchKit Layout (Video)

David Smith continues his series on As I Learn WatchKit:

“…explaining how the UI layout system works for your WatchKit apps. WatchKit apps are driven by a static storyboard file. This file can be configured with careful use of groups to create some pretty sophisticated layouts.”

I love how David overlays his noggin on the video…

Collection View Flow Layout For Cells of Varying Sizes

Zhixuan Lai created ZLBalancedFlowLayout, an optimized flow layout class for collection views, based on inspiration from NHBalancedFlowLayout.

If you are working with UICollectionViews and cells of varying sizes, either of these projects may be a good starting point.

Thu, Jan 22
Date And Time Manager Written in Swift

Good things can come in small packages:

Tempo was designed to work both in OSX and in iOS (7.0+). Work with the time or dates can be cumbersome, iOS development. Tempo allows you to deal easly with date and time. Basics manipulations are already implemented in Tempo.”

Libraries such as Tempo can be a huge timer saver when you need to do math with dates, for example, how many days is it from today until 12/31/2015.

iOS Game Dev Weekly

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Working With Graphics Primitives In Swift

SwiftGraphics, an open source project written by Jonathan Wight:

“Wrap Quartz (and other related Frameworks such as CoreImage) in a nice “Swifthonic” API. Provide wrappers and operators to help make working with graphics primitives in swift as convenient as possible.”

Although noted as a “work in progress” there looks to be a fair amount of functionality already in place.