Tue, Mar 3
Sketch Plugin to Create iOS Assets

Creating the necessary assets for an iOS release is not difficult, but it is tedious. If you are a Sketch user, there is a solution…

Yari D’areglia describes how to create a plugin for Sketch:

“…to generate iOS assets with @1x, @2x and @3x scale factor.”

Rendering Text in Metal with Signed-Distance Fields

Warren Moore covers how to use the GPU to add text into a Metal app.

Prior to this post I wasn’t familiar with signed-distance fields, here’s a primer:

“…a precomputed representation of a font atlas that stores the glyph outlines implicitly. Specifically, the texel values of a signed-distance field texture correspond to the distance of the texel to the nearest glyph edge, where texels outside the glyph take on negative values.”

Optimize your App with Appsee User Experience Analytics

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Leveraging Appsee’s user recordings, touch heatmaps and real-time in-app analytics, will help you optimize your app and increase engagement, conversions and in-app monetization.

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Mon, Mar 2
Optimizing System Frameworks for Swift

Matthew Wyskiel on optimizing system frameworks for Swift:

“Wouldn’t life be so much better if there was a wrapper for the Apple frameworks in Swift that takes advantage of some of the niceties of the language that annoy us the most in the interop-from-Objective-C transition, plus some extras.”

Sounds like a good initiative.

Swift Wrapper for Objective-C JSON Parser

Jameson Quave is the author of LumaJSON:

“An extremely simple and light-weight Swift wrapper for Objective-C JSON parser.”

JSON is most certainly a preferred way to talk with remote services (IMHO), it’s always nice to see another tool supporting the protocol.