Fri, Aug 1
Opinions on Swift’s Range Operators

So here I am, late to the party, weighing in on Swift’s range operators, about which I have a definite opinion – @cocoadog

Integrate 1Password into Your iOS 8 Apps

Thanks to Apple’s incredible new developer features in iOS 8, third-party apps can let 1Password fill Logins without the user ever leaving the app – @dteare

Thu, Jul 31
High-level Overview of Swift

A no-frills introduction to Swift for busy and/or curious people – @learnswiftintro

Memory Browser – View Object Relationships at Runtime

The XprobePlugin gives you a view of the objects inside your application either in detail down to the level of ivars or globally as a graph of the principal objects and how they are connected – John Holdsworth

Wed, Jul 30
Swift, Xcode 6 and Documentation Markup

Although the tooling and documentation around Swift is still rapidly evolving, one would be wise to adopt good habits early, by using the new light markup language conventions for documentation, as well as MARK: comments in Swift code going forward – @mattt

Tue, Jul 29
Replicate Twitter’s Zoom Animation in Swift

Twitter recently updated its iOS app with a really cool startup animation that transitions from the Default.png to the timeline view (learn how to accomplish a similar effect using Swift) – @iOSDevHelper

An Introduction to Swift

In this article, we continue our exploration of Swift’s syntax. You’ll learn about optionals and see how memory management works in Swift – @mikeMTOL