Fri, Oct 24 Dedicated iOS simulators in the browser.

Think prototypes and app demos.

Thu, Oct 23


“You can now invite up to 1,000 testers to beta test your iOS apps by simply sending them an email invitation through iTunes Connect. Once they accept your invitation, testers can install your beta app on their iOS devices, get updated builds, and provide feedback, all within the TestFlight app.”

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Playgrounds for Objective-C built upon dynamic code injection.

Functional Swift to the rescue:

“Dealing with Optional values (specifically Implicitly Unwrapped Optionals) is unfortunately an everyday part of our life as forward-looking iOS developers. The entirety of the Cocoa API won’t be audited for optionals for a good long while, so these things are here to stay. This means we’re going to introduce some actual runtime errors into our application where we might not have encountered them before.”

Generic object and image cache:

“Haneke provides a memory and LRU disk cache for UIImage, NSData, JSON, String or any other type that can be read or written as data.”

And if you are working with images, more good news:

“It includes a zero-config image cache with automatic resizing. Everything is done in background, allowing for fast, responsive scrolling.”

How do I embed content with Swift in an Objective-C app?

Answer: Set build setting EMBEDDED_CONTENT_CONTAINS_SWIFT to Yes

Important note:

“To prevent having multiple copies of Swift libraries in your app, make sure that Embedded Content Contains Swift Code is set to NO (false) in your embedded content.”