iOS Sliding Menu View

Sliding menu control for iOS apps written in Swift. The interface has a few customization options and works with or without Storyboards.


Creating Cross-Platform Swift Frameworks

Interested to support multiple platforms with a single code base?

In this post, I’d like to show you how to create a Swift framework for iOS, watchOS, and tvOS and get them distributed via Carthage and CocoaPods.

Cross Platform Frameworks@basememara

Progress Button Similar to App Store Download

“Inspired by Apple’s download progress buttons in the app store”

@pklada & @miketsprague created a control to offer a similar look and feel for Guidebook 4.0.

“We received a number of requests to demonstrate how we created the progress button, and we decided to take it even further: we open sourced it.”

Download Progress Indicator

Real-Time Audio Processing and Synthesis in Swift

In this video Aurelius Prochazka demonstrates, via an Xcode playground, how to work with audio synthesis, audio processing/analysis, all with real time audio feedback.

Working with audio in Swift@AudioKitMan

Drawing Fractals with Metal

This Xcode playground demonstrates the basics of working with Metal, specifically, how to draw fractals. If you are interested to experiment with the Metal API, this is a good place to start.

Metal Fractals Playground ~ @jtbandes