Mon, Jan 26
Bend Normal Coding Rules With Swift REPL

Another look at the Read Eval Print Loop (REPL), allowing interactive development in Swift, from the engineers at Apple.

This is most certainly an intriguing lead in:

“This post explores one way that the REPL bends normal coding rules to give you new powers when developing.”

Building A Notification Center In Swift

Mike Ash on building a notification center in Swift:

“I’m going to take the (NSNotificationCenter) API and make it faster, better, stronger, and take advantage of all the nice stuff Swift has to offer us.”

Mike has a knack for writing excellent code-centric posts – this one is no exception.

Optimize your App with Appsee User Experience Analytics

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Fri, Jan 23
Understanding WatchKit Layout (Video)

David Smith continues his series on As I Learn WatchKit:

“…explaining how the UI layout system works for your WatchKit apps. WatchKit apps are driven by a static storyboard file. This file can be configured with careful use of groups to create some pretty sophisticated layouts.”

I love how David overlays his noggin on the video…

Collection View Flow Layout For Cells of Varying Sizes

Zhixuan Lai created ZLBalancedFlowLayout, an optimized flow layout class for collection views, based on inspiration from NHBalancedFlowLayout.

If you are working with UICollectionViews and cells of varying sizes, either of these projects may be a good starting point.