Tue, Jun 30
Thoughts on Swift 2 Error Handling

Nick Lockwood on Swift 2 error handling:

  • Why the Swift designers are saying that Swift’s new errors are not really exceptions, and why that is both true and false.
  • Why the result enum approach to error handling is not a universal solution for error handling in Swift.
  • What I would have done instead.

Thoughts on Swift 2 Errors

Swift: Interesting Swipeable Card-Like UI

Zhixuan Lai:

“A simple view for building card like interface like Tinder and Potluck.”

This is customizable control that is an Objective-C port of ZLSwipeableView.

SwipeableView in Swift.

Swift: Building Functional Apps on iOS

“As things become more encapsulated it becomes easier to reuse components. Sam Soffes, the man behind projects such as Hipstamatic, Cheddar SSToolkit, demonstrates how to take this to the extreme, by reusing Swift code between Mac and iOS, for his popular app, Redacted.”

Building Functional Apps – Sam Soffes

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