Fri, Feb 27
Stream Video Textures into 3D Scene with Metal

Apple Developer demo app (with source) on streaming video textures with Metal:

“This sample demonstrates how to stream captured video textures (from the front facing camera on an iOS device) into a 3D scene rendered with Metal. The video texture is combined with an environment map reflection from a cubemap (which is also rendered seperatly as the starfield skybox) and a 2D mipmap PVRTC texture (copper metal texture).”

This demo app uses AVFoundation to capture video from the camera, where each frame is a Metal texture.

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) – Discover Nearby Devices

Intrigued with BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)?

Discovery is a very simple but useful library for discovering nearby devices with BLE(Bluetooth Low Energy) and for exchanging a value.”

Discovery works in the foreground or background. Written by Ömer Faruk Gül.

Thu, Feb 26
Create OS X Modern Looking UIs

Interested in coding OS X apps? Regarding the UI, have a look at ModernLook-OSX by Gyetván András:

“This project aims to provide a simple and customizable component set which can be used to create OSX applications with new style look.”

The example screenshots of the project have a nice feel to them. This may be a good starting point if you are new to coding Mac apps.

Integration of C Libraries in Swift

Matt Behrens provides an introduction to integration of C libraries into a Swift application. Matt covers Objective-C bridging, modules and calling C functions.

Using Swift to Seed Core Data for Testing

Andrew Bancroft on creating test data using Core Data and Swift:

“During development, I’ve found that it’s often convenient to seed a Core Data database with sample data so that I can preview how it’ll look in my application. Along with that, it’s nice to start with a fresh copy of the data each time I run the app.”

Here’s another tip: I often create command line parameters that I pass into an application (using Xcode Scheme “Arguments Passed on Launch”) to specify resetting a database or other files. This gives me control to turn the reset on/off as needed.