Fri, Sep 19
Create Interactive Swift Playgrounds

Curious how Apple created their interactive Swift playgrounds, which included embedded code and documentation?

Matt Mathias of Big Nerd Ranch provides some insight:

In this post, I will show you how to peek inside the .playground file to gain a sense of how a Playground is put together. Glancing at these internals will help you to create your own interactive document.

Check iOS Version Number in Swift & Objective-C

Andrew Bancroft:

When accommodating iOS 7 users, you’ll inevitably run into instances where you need to check which iOS version the device is running, so that you can implement a fall-back plan for older versions of iOS.

In Objective-C, I’ve seen this accomplished by using pre-processor directives, or with introspection. Swift, however, has no pre-processor directives in v1.0…

As Andrew demonstrates, you can use NSFoundationVersionNumber for both Objective-C and Swift.

Thu, Sep 18
Collaborative Swift Coding – Online REPL

SwiftStub is an online Swift Read-Eval-Print-Loop (REPL).

One of the features that make this REPL unique is the option to collaborate with another developer in the same playground.

Skip Wilson is the creator of SwiftStub:

Wed, Sep 17
Xcode 6.01 Production Release is Available

With the production release of iOS 8, Xcode 6.01 is now available.