Wed, Apr 23

This chapter explains the messaging structure that is at the heart of Objective-C, using the common alloc and init methods as examples – @jessefeiler

This week, we’re talking new iOS tools…We wrap up discussing deleting objects in Core Data and the pros and cons of filing radars- @defaultCenter

Join the Mavericks OS X Beta Seed Program and help make OS X even better (beta open to public) – Apple

Tue, Apr 22

Command Line Interface (CLI) for creating and configuring Xcode projects – @thoughtbot

As 2014 pushes on, more rumblings of an Apple mobile payment system are starting to surface. The latest rumors focus on the company hiring new people to run a mobile payments team – @TMFNewsie

Complete animated GIF support for iOS, with functions, NSJSONSerialization-style class, and (optional) UIImage swizzling – @mattt


Apple has released iOS 7.1.1: Touch ID improvements, Bluetooth keyboard fix, miscellaneous bugs – Apple