Wed, Sep 17
Xcode 6.01 Production Release is Available

With the production release of iOS 8, Xcode 6.01 is now available.

How to Install iOS 8 Release Over iOS 8 Beta

I’ve had the experience of not updating from an iOS beta to the production release before the beta expired. Let me put it this way, an expired beta is not your friend.

If you have a beta release of iOS installed, you cannot upgrade to the production release over-the-air (OTA) through the Settings menu.

Here’s how to install iOS 8 on top of a beta release:

  • Download iOS 8 (.ipsw) from iOS Dev Center
  • In iTunes, do a manual backup (recommended)
  • Option-click “Check for Update”
  • Locate the .ipsw file
  • Sip beverage of your choice while iOS 8 is installed
Tue, Sep 16
SwiftKey iOS 8 Replacement Keyboard – For Free!

Note 9/17/14: I just installed the SwiftKey keyboard app. The predictive text is pretty cool and the “flow” typing is equally intriguing. What I’m not so sure about is the “big-brother” aspect of a third-party keyboards. The Apple privacy policy states when enabling a keyboard “all data you type can be accessed.” When full developer access is enabled (which is required for the predictive text and “flow” feature in SwiftKey) developers of keyboards can access, collect and transmit data you type. I’ll have to noodle on this one…


The countdown is on! You’re just one day away from getting your hands on SwiftKey Keyboard for iPhone & iPad! As the launch gets closer, we wanted to share with you some more sneak peeks at what’s coming, and also let you know that SwiftKey for iOS will be free to download.

Design Patterns Implemented in Swift

Oktawian Chojnack is the author of Design Patterns in Swift:

A short cheat-sheet with Xcode 6 Playground.