Wed, Dec 17
NSUserDefaults and Swift

Over the years there have been numerous posts, on many blogs, on integration of NSUserDefaults in Objective-C.

Nick offers a thorough introduction to NSUserDefaults, focusing on Swift.

Beyond saving user preferred default values, another use of NSUserDefaults:

“Using NSUserDefaults in combination with App Groups is the simplest way to share data between your app and any extensions it has, including WatchKit extensions.”

Tue, Dec 16
12 Apps of Swiftmas – Video

Arwa from Realm shared this recently:

“We hand-picked 12 Swift projects created in 2014, and invited their creators to share issues or neat Swift features they ran into, in front of our very special Swiftmas Tree.”

The 12 Apps of Swiftmas

If you’re coding (or thinking of coding) an app in Swift, you’ll enjoy this video.

Mon, Dec 15
iOS Game Dev Weekly

Looking to sharpen your iOS game developer chops? Look no further than iOS Game Dev Weekly – a free newsletter, hand-curated by Joel Shapiro.

Joel’s newsletter covers everything from Metal to Sprite Kit and Cocos2D to Unity. Need some guidance when it comes to the business and marketing side of game development? Joel’s got you covered there as well.

I’ve enjoyed iOS Game Dev Weekly, I recommend you check it out.

Thank you iOS Game Dev Weekly for sponsoring

LLDB and the Command Line Interface

Ari Grant on Dancing in the Debugger:

“A common fix cycle is to modify the code, compile, run again, and wish for the best. It doesn’t have to be that way.”

There is great power in understanding how to use the command line interface of LLDB.

Appsee – Mobile App Analytics

Appsee mobile app analytics

Appsee is an advanced visual mobile analytics platform that enables app developers and publishers to measure, understand and improve the user experience in their mobile app.

Traditional mobile analytics don’t reveal the full story, emphasizing numbers instead of reasons. Appsee enables app developers and publishers to put themselves in their users’ shoes and visually understand exactly how users interact with their app.

App owners leverage Appsee’s user recordings, touch heatmaps and real-time in-app analytics to optimize their apps and increase engagement, conversions and in-app monetization.

Appsee SDK integration takes less than 1 minute. Try Appsee for free here.

Many thanks to Appsee for sponsoring

Fri, Dec 12
Instanced Rendering in Metal on iOS

Warren Moore in his series Metal by Example:

In this article, we will discuss an important technique for efficiently drawing many objects with a single draw call: instanced rendering. This technique helps you get the most out of the GPU while keeping memory and CPU usage to a minimum.”

The who, what and why of Instanced Rendering:

“Virtual worlds frequently have many copies of certain elements in the scene: particles, foliage, enemies, and so on. These elements are represented in memory by a single piece of geometry (a mesh) and a set of attributes that is specific to the application. Instanced rendering draws the same geometry is drawn multiple times, with each instance’s attributes used to control where and how it appears.”

Wed, Dec 10
Custom Postfix, Prefix and Infix Operators in Swift

Nick Hanan describes how to create custom operators in Swift. Nick includes code examples for prefix, postfix and infix operators.

Food for thought:

“Custom operators can make code nigh unreadable if you are not careful, so do your best to make sure you choose a good set of symbols for your operator, and to document it very well.”