Wed, Oct 1
Swift and iOS 8 Photo Editing Extensions

Dariusz Rybicki:

The app uses new Photos framework, introduced with iOS 8…The app uses Core Image Face Detection feature, to detect faces on selected photo. Then, it draws mustache on each detected face.

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Coding with UIAlertController in Swift

…the introduction of UIAlertController should be met like an army liberating a city from occupation. Not only does it improve on the miserable APIs of its predecessors, but it carves a path forward to deal with the UIKit interface singularity brought on by the latest class of devices.

Mattt Thompson on his UIAlertController introduction:

This week’s article takes a look at UIAlertController, showing first how to port existing alert behavior, and then how this behavior can be extended.

Swift: Distributing Core Data Entities Over a Network

Alsey Coleman Miller:

NetworkObjects is a distributed object graph inspired by Apple’s WebObjects. This framework compiles for OS X and iOS and serves as the foundation for building powerful Swift servers as well as serving as a cross-platform alternative to Cocoa’s Distributed Objects.

Tue, Sep 30
WebSocket Server Written in Swift

Dalton Cherry:

Starscream is a conforming WebSocket (RFC 6455) client library in Swift for iOS and OSX.

More information on WebSockets and WebSocket servers.

iOS 8.1 beta and Xcode 6.1 GM seed

Apple has released iOS 8.1 beta and Xcode 6.1 Gold Master seed.

Xcode includes updates/fixes for Swift Language and Playgrounds. Based on the iOS SDK Release Notes for iOS 8.1 Beta, the primary focus is bug fixes over new features.

iOS 8 Cloudkit Tutorial

Steve Sparks on iOS 8 and Cloudkit:

CloudKit gives you record-based, auto-replicating storage across all of your iOS and Mac devices. In this demo, I cover creating records, the push notification subsystem and CloudKit’s capacities.