Tue, Aug 19
Working with Strings in Swift

Bumped into a good introduction to working with Swift and strings.

This is interesting:

Strings in Swift are not implemented via a class, they are actually structures. That means they are value types. That in turn means that when you assign them to a new variable, they are copied, so when you change the original String that was copied, the newly stored one is unaffected.

There is also coverage of string concatenation, comparison and interpolation.

Mon, Aug 18
Xcode 6 Beta 6 (sans iOS 8 beta 6)

Interesting…Apple released Xcode 6 beta 6 today, however, unlike previous iterations of betas, there is no matching release for iOS 8.

Could it be iOS 8 is good to go, as in, being loaded onto the next iPhone?

Fri, Aug 15
Animate UICollectionView Items As They Appear

UICollectionViews are amazing in their versatility. In an attempt to learn more about animation and collections view, I ran into an interesting post by Aleksandar·Vacić on animating cells.

Referring to his app Try Couch to 5k:

In it, everything is collection views, often nested one inside another. What I wanted to do is sequentially animate each cell as it appears on the screen.

The animation has a nice effect, items appear in the middle of the screen and animate towards the outer edges of the display.

Thu, Aug 14
Apple Releases Playground for WWDC Swift Intro

Late last week Apple released the “Ballons” Xcode 6 playground that was shown at WWDC 2014 with the original introduction to Swift.

Now you can learn how the special effects were done with this tutorial version of ‘Balloons.playground’, which includes documentation and suggestions for experimentation. This playground uses new features of SpriteKit and requires the latest beta versions of Xcode 6 and OS X Yosemite.

This is a very good starting point to dive into Swift, including a few cool animation features.

Wed, Aug 13
Core Data Concurrency Debugging in iOS 8


With iOS 8 and Yosemite, the Core Data framework supports concurrency debugging out of the box. It works by throwing an exception whenever your app accesses a managed object context or managed object from the wrong dispatch queue

Ole walks through iOS 8 Core Data framework concurrency debugging.

Thoughts on What Swift 1.0 Will Mean

I’ve tried neither Rust or F#, but I still love this line from Erica Sadun:

Moving to Swift is like bending your head sideways through Rust and F# and all those other cool but psychedelic languages.

Erica has some interesting commentary on just what the formality of declaring Swift as 1.0 may bring.

Tue, Aug 12
API Design Tools and Processes

Considering the idea of building an API? From the makers of Apiary, this sounds intriguing:

Write an API in 30mins, share it with your teammates or customers and let them use the API mock to take it for a spin. Iterate, rinse & repeat. Coding can wait until you know what to build.