Thu, Apr 24

Then came iOS 7.1.1. Following this update I’ve noticed that things have improved dramatically, and now battery life is only falling to around 76 percent per six hours of average use, which is better than what I was getting pre iOS 7.0 – @the_pc_doc

With the increasing emphasis on motion (largely thanks to the more paired back design of iOS 7) its important that it is implemented with the same integrity and purpose as all the other aspects of Ui design – @beyondkinetic

Follow-up about code-style leads into a discussion about code-folding, laying out your methods within a file, and the battle between useful features, extensibility and bloat in an IDE – @_mobilecouch

iBeacons don’t communicate directly with end users — applications are required for translation and action execution – @MatthewSGast

A simple XIB/Storyboard extension to make rounded custom buttons, without writing one line of code – @lupasca

Wed, Apr 23

The goal of IPython is to create a comprehensive environment for interactive and exploratory computing – @IPythonDev

Podcast: 051 iPhreaks Show – Teaching Kids to Program with Jim Rutherford – @iphreaks